Debug Group History

Debug History Step by Step

Started with $10 US and one rented PC...

During our initial years, we undertook various websites projects which enabled our Company to evolve into a Web Site Service provider Company, with capabilities in SEO. Further, we developed expertise especially for Web engineered and Web server capabilities. During these 10 years, We had served almost all areas of customers.

With an Endeavour to expand more Web engineered systems to our product portfolio, our Company developed capabilities to design and engineer Web sites, Web portals and all types of web services, with a special focus on facilities with medium to high value clients such as Pharmacy companies, Hospitals, Indian Central Government Defense Factories and Other valued clients.

For further growth we expanded our business activities to international market and secured our first overseas project in USA & Dubai in 2004 and since then we have executed projects in outsource basis from USA & European countries.

Own Building of Debug

2008 – 2011 - With bless of almighty God, We are now Debuggroup (Group of Multifarious Organizations). Presently Debug is spinning our wheels towards success & growth with trying to fulfill our social responsibilities.