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Established in the year 2000, DEBUG GROUP is a group of multifarious oragnizations such as...

"Debug Group" believes that every interactivity with people or customers is an opportunity to hear their preferences, needs and expectations. It facilitates the right services, at right place, and at right time, By adhering to the core values, which include customer involvement, guaranteed results and focus on innovations, reduced monotony DEBUG ensures a loyal relationship. The company prioritizes performance excellence and virtual relationship.

Debug Internet & Multi services(Web & IT Sevices) Debug Computer & Technology Education Society C S Info Tech

(E-store Product Sale / Purchase) All India Coachings.Com lathi.org (A Social Engineering Organisation)

30 Days Refund Guarantee

Debug has promise you that if we could not give you the results as per your expectations with in T&M, we do offer 30 Days refund policy to ensure customer satisfaction so that anyone can feel free to shake hand with full of confidence & transparency. you can simply send a request to refund.support@debuggroup.com


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Debug have defined a set of core values for ourselves – Care, Innovation, Passion and Trust – to guide us in all we do. We take pride in being able to claim all our countrymen as our customers. That’s why, We coined the phrase, "do not Earn for himself only, if you capable then Earn For neediest and Debug their problems."

So We are Debug = Eradicating the bugs of Education, Health & Social corruption to help every needy in name of www.lathi.org
  • Support Poor & Orphan children give a hand in their Education, Health & Feeding.
  • Supporting neglected Old person’s rehabilitate & make them happy to share their voices.
  • Supporting Every one by use of Pen to fight and gain their rights with help of RTI & Legal support.
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